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we got a PhD in advanced body movin'

Dance With Me
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A community for current ballet dancers, ex-ballet dancers, ballet teachers, choreographers, and ballet costumers. Dancers of all ages and levels are welcome. Share questions and thoughts about ballet!

I really hate rules, but we've found that a few are necessary--most are common sense, but here they are:

1. No "pro-ana" discussions. There are, sadly, other communities for that.

2. Feel free to advertise other communities here to a reasonable degree if they have to do with ballet or dance. If they don't, please don't advertise them here! There are places you can advertise your community; try community_promo as a start. If a community has been advertised here once, there is no need to advertise it again, as any interested parties will have used the prior ad to look at the community. Any repeat advertisements will be deleted by the moderators, along with any advertisements having nothing to do with dance. Members or communities who repeatedly violate this rule may receive a warning about their behavior.

3. Keep all posts on-topic to ballet or dance.

4. To that end, please don't post results to dance-related quizzes here; keep that for your own journal.

5. Of course, don't be rude, offensive, trollish, or a flamer.

This community was created by eponine84 and is co-maintained by eponine84 and fake_ballerina.

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Some great dance web resources:
ABT's online dance dictionary
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