Thorn a'la Malin (thornchan) wrote in ballerinas,
Thorn a'la Malin

Pointe Shoes For Big Feet

So, I've been googling but haven't really found anything, and I'm sorry if you find this offensive, BUT...
My sister has since she was a child wanted to get into ballet. To sort of push her in the right direction (or at least nudge her into saying "it's never too late"), I was thinking of buying her ballerina shoes. Yes, those pink, silky pointe shoes.

...BUT. Her feet are quite broad and about a European 42 (26-26,5 cm) and I can't seem to find any shoes in her size. Is there a customization for these type of shoes, or anywhere I can actually find them? Maybe I'm just looking at the wrong places. I really don't want to buy her a size that's too small... That's more or less a nudge in the wrong direction. I'm terribly scared of screwing up and breaking her heart on christmas eve :(

Any help?

I appreciate every response, and I hope all of you have a lovely week!
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