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I used to take ballet a million years ago and wish I could again, but right now I'm trying to limber myself up and be flexible like I've always wanted. Especially for a new show I'm in. I've been stretching all summer and I'm come a long way, considering that initially I was VERY tight and non-flexible. Could you give me some tips on overcoming stretching plateaus? I don't see how I can switch around or change the order in which I stretch, because each stretch compliments the next one. I'm making progress, but it still takes me a long time to get to the limit I left off the day before. I'm still stuck at this point and I can't push my way past it and make further progress.
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This is me.
Take Bikram yoga. I do it because I am chronically injured and it helps me keep (anc even increase) my flexibility when I am unable to dance.