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The goal should be this floor barre [26 Feb 2013|05:45am]

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If I spent more time doing THIS floor barre routine in this video, my flexibility and turnout would be better.  Does anyone here do floor barre?

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Pointe Shoes For Big Feet [19 Nov 2012|12:24am]

So, I've been googling but haven't really found anything, and I'm sorry if you find this offensive, BUT...
My sister has since she was a child wanted to get into ballet. To sort of push her in the right direction (or at least nudge her into saying "it's never too late"), I was thinking of buying her ballerina shoes. Yes, those pink, silky pointe shoes.

...BUT. Her feet are quite broad and about a European 42 (26-26,5 cm) and I can't seem to find any shoes in her size. Is there a customization for these type of shoes, or anywhere I can actually find them? Maybe I'm just looking at the wrong places. I really don't want to buy her a size that's too small... That's more or less a nudge in the wrong direction. I'm terribly scared of screwing up and breaking her heart on christmas eve :(

Any help?

I appreciate every response, and I hope all of you have a lovely week!
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♫My heart could take a chance, But my two feet can’t find a way ♪ [12 May 2011|01:20am]

[ mood | giggly ]

This little girl perfectly sums up the dilemma that is ballet...when your feet just don't want to do what you tell them...
Totally adorable! ♥

Plus the teacher has a great technique. Blaming the shoes and everything...! ;)

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[26 Apr 2011|01:02am]

[ mood | full ]

Janie Taylor ( with Justin Peck) from NYCB models the new spring/summer- collection 2011 by Chloé!

Video by Bon Dyke. Choreography also by Justin Peck. Music by Philip Glass: String Quartet No. 3

Stunning! This is how fashion always should be presented in my opinion! :)

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what are your favorite ballet exercises? [02 Feb 2011|02:38pm]

hi all! i'm currently not taking any classes right now, but i like to try and keep in the ballet mindset by doing some exercises at home. i want to spice up my routine a little bit, even if it's just changing my regular things just slightly...but i'm kind of drawing a blank.

so i was wondering: what are some of your favorite strengthening exercises, stretches, warm-ups, and barre routines?

thanks in advance!! :)

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[20 Nov 2010|04:10pm]

Does anyone still hang out here? Just in case, here are some icons from the ballet portion of Kanye West's Runaway (plus a few of Selita Ebanks). :D

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Moving on [15 Apr 2010|08:52pm]


Posting at LJ ballet communities is at an all time low it seems.  I was hoping things would get better but the communities here seem dead and buried. 

I have moved on over to the Blogspot side of things and I like it there already.  Here is an awesome blog that I found over there that has links to quite a few other blogs. 



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[30 Mar 2010|08:45am]

[ mood | nervous ]

Did anyone else see SF ballet's Swan Lake? I did last month or so and it was riveting Yuan Yuan Tan is amazing. Just thought I'd throw that out there lol.

I'm putting together a video audition right now for the first time ever and it is pretty confusing! Or maybe I'm just slow? Ha. They want the video "to include adagio, petit allegro, and waltz with pirouette." And I'm not sure if they want *just* that, because 1) I'm paranoid of doing the video wrong, and 2) It seems like other places want to see pointe work or a variation. At any rate, hopefully I'll get it videotaped and figured out in time!

(thanks to balletgirl for the reference to ARC, that's what the aud is for : ] )

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Stretching? [03 Feb 2010|02:04pm]

[ mood | groggy ]

I used to take ballet a million years ago and wish I could again, but right now I'm trying to limber myself up and be flexible like I've always wanted. Especially for a new show I'm in. I've been stretching all summer and I'm come a long way, considering that initially I was VERY tight and non-flexible. Could you give me some tips on overcoming stretching plateaus? I don't see how I can switch around or change the order in which I stretch, because each stretch compliments the next one. I'm making progress, but it still takes me a long time to get to the limit I left off the day before. I'm still stuck at this point and I can't push my way past it and make further progress.

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Feb 2, 2010 [02 Feb 2010|12:02am]

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[30 Jan 2010|06:59pm]

Any stretches you all know of that help with strenghtening your back for arabesques?
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[29 Jan 2010|01:52pm]

I'm a little aggrivated with myself not being able to land my tour jetes AT ALL. I've been continuously practicing but I just feel like I can't make any of the positions right, UGH. Any advice? I feel like my teachers are all going to give up on me if I don't start improving with my turns and tour jetes. :(

XOXO Laura
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Lines Ballet [28 Jan 2010|03:19am]

Has anyone done the training programs at Alonzo King's Lines Ballet? I am hoping to audition for their summer program in a month and was wondering if anyone is familiar with their work and/or audition MO.

I'm so nervous! It's been awhile since I've danced properly. Wish me luck : )
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[24 Jan 2010|02:25pm]

Has anyone here taken the RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) exam? My testing date is 12 weeks from now and i'm extremely nervous! :s
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Dancers, UK [21 Jan 2010|08:15pm]


Does anyone attend ballet classes in the UK?

I am looking to get back into it after a lull!

Thanks in advance!

x-posted, sorry!
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[07 Jan 2010|08:56pm]

Any good tips for improving turnout?
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[03 Jan 2010|08:18pm]

Out of curiosity, what are some good stretches to increase flexability in center splits (other than the stretch where you prop against the wall and allow gravity to pull your legs farther down). Also tips for increasing cambre range?
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College Audition [03 Jan 2010|06:28pm]

[ mood | restless ]

I have a college audition coming up at the end of this month, and although it's not specifically for ballet, there will be both ballet and modern sections in it. Really I'm auditioning for a Modern major, but I was told that first would be ballet (no pointe work) and then the second half is the modern section of the audition.

Does anyone have any advice at what to expect or how to prepare myself for the audition? It's really important for me to make it, and if I do extremely well I could even begin taking sophomore or junior classes rather than freshman.

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[02 Jan 2010|09:11pm]


My ballet academy is now offering RAD(Royal Academy of Dance) certification. Anyone ever heard of this? Would it be worth my time for this program?

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Newbie! [02 Jan 2010|11:41am]

Hey everyone, I'm Laura. I'm 15 years old and I'm new to this community. I've been dancing ballet since I was about 6 years old, it's been my first true love. I currently board and attend school in Nashville, TN. I dance at the School of the Nashville Ballet. I actually do live in Seattle, WA, and used to attend PNB's school. However, I wanted to attend the Nashville Ballet instead of PNB for a few years for a mix of new instructors and a different experience. So, for now, I board for school and the rest I already explained! Looking forward to meeting you all!

XOXO Laura
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